Top 20 Reasons to Hire Driver

Reasons to Hire a Companion Driver

  1. Arrive Alive

  2. Seniors drive under the influence of prescribed medications

  3. Seniors may not know how to get to their destinations (new roads)

  4. Seniors are unaware of traffic patterns and traffic light behaviors

  5. Seniors become disoriented

  6. Seniors cause accidents

  7. Senior have unacceptable reaction times to avoid spontaneous changes to road  or traffic conditions

  8. Seniors have poor vision

  9. Seniors can not understand new dashboards and controls

  10. Seniors leave merchandise in shopping carts

  11. Seniors are stressed by vehicle control decision making

  12. Seniors are freightened by heavy traffic conditions

  13. Road-Rage is normal in Lake County

  14. Door to Door service by driver

  15. Lawsuits

  16. Personal Injury

  17. Drivers minimize victimization against seniors

  18. Seniors may no longer have a current license

  19. Seniors might not be able to drive in the dark of winter

  20. Seniors and Alcohol


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